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Wind, Rain, Darkness...!!! An Autumnal Survival Guide autumn ayurveda energy medicine seasonal living Nov 15, 2022

Autumn got real real this week in the PNW. 

It now feels like midnight at 6pm.

The wind has caused power outages.

And our unusually late summer came abruptly to an end with the onset of (much needed) rain.

If you live in the northern hemisphere and are going through a seasonal shift in...

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Blessings of The Compost autumn darkness earth spirituality ritual seasonal living Nov 09, 2022

Here we explore a little play time with one of the Spirit's of the season: Compost.

Not a glamorous Ally, but an important one.

In the video below, I share a simple song and ritual for syncing up with the Spirit of Autumn, Compost, and Letting Go.

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How Do You Make Room For Grief? depression grief seasonal living Sep 04, 2022

Hello Autumn.

As the leaves fall, kids return to school, and harvests are brought in, we will be spending time this month with my dear friend Grief.

I know it's not a very sexy topic, and often not a very welcomed houseguest.

But when left unattended in our individual and collective somas...

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The Summer Slow Down fifth season seasonal living somatics time Aug 28, 2022

After brushing up on various skills and dynamics related to time this month, we'll conclude tomorrow with a short teaching and practice I call:

The Summer Slow Down

(no, it's not a dance move, tho it probably could be!)

We'll chat a little about the special transitionary season that we've just...

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My Time Shifting Secret autumn earth spirituality fifth season seasonal living summer time Aug 21, 2022

For the last 10 years I've been nurturing a habit that has slowly, subtly, but profoundly changed my relationship with time.

It's a simple habit--but not necessarily easy!  Mostly because it goes against the grain of dominant culture.

I want to share it with you because habits like...

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Community Supported Spiritual Care earth earth spirituality interspirituality priestess ritual seasonal living Jun 30, 2022

(TL;DR: Tacoma-ish folks and friends of The Sanctuary/my work: want to be a part of a small attempt at an 'island of sanity' on the sinking ship of modernity? I'm seeking 15-25 patrons/partners for a not-church church-ish community spiritual care offer of seasonal land/body-based group...

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Is Your Fire In Balance? anger ayurveda fire seasonal living solstice Jun 28, 2022

Blessed Solstice Season to you! 

In the Ayurvedic tradition, this time of year is governed by the fire element--which is no surprise, at least for us in the Northern Hemisphere!

What are the signs of our elemental ally, Fire? 

Fire is the Energetic Spirit-Being of...

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