Ceremonies with Kate







Are you passing through a stage of life threshold that you want to celebrate in a sacred way?

Kate collaboratively designs and facilitates numerous ceremonies and rituals to honor the stages of life, with special focus on creating meaningful moments for LGBTQ folks and others outside organized religious communities.

Come with your own visions and desires, or let Kate guide you through a process of discerning and tailoring the ritual best suited for you and your circumstances. Kate builds from a frame of earth-based spiritual practices, and will happily integrate your religious and spiritual traditions.

Ceremonies and rituals might include

  • Weddings/Commitment ceremonies

  • Blessing Ways for parent-to-be

  • Christening/Blessing of newborns

  • Name-Changing Ceremonies for Non-Binary and Transgender Folks

  • Blessings Pre/Post Gender Reassignment Surgery for Transgender Folks

  • Funerals for people and pets

  • Death/grief rituals for marking significant loss or transition

What folks are saying: 

"Kate really helped us put together the ceremony we wanted when we didn’t even know where to start!

She explained many ceremonial options that we didn’t understand and planned the sequencing with us step by step. She was incredibly helpful to us as confused and otherwise stressed out brides!

Kate’s unique spiritual background brought the perfect touch to our ceremony. We sought her out because we are non religious but wanted to express our respect for all living creatures and native peoples of the planet in our spoken ceremony and her perspective was exactly what we had been looking for."

"As a lesbian couple new to the state of Washington, we were scared we might encounter opposition or rejection while planning our small elopement. 

Which is why we are so grateful we found someone so grounded and accepting! She made us feel special and safe in the time leading up to our wedding. You can tell she is a professional who really loves what she does."

~Cindy and Miranda Ortega, illustrator and coffee maker


A "Queer Post-Christian Wedding" Case Study 

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“I can’t imagine what our wedding would have been without you having been a part of it and help us craft it, and held us that day in that space...It was totally worth it.” -Rachel L. 


"10 out of 10 recommend!" - Genevra L.

Financial Investment

Ceremony costs vary, depending on the nature and scope, but can range from $800-$2500, plus travel costs.  

Ceremony creation with Kate begins with a 30-minute paid consult to determine if we are a good fit to work together.  If we are, the consult fee ($125) will go towards your total ceremony fee. In addition to time with me, your consult fee also includes my custom pre-ceremony survey to help you get clear on your ceremony dreams and goals (so even if we don't work together, you'll walk away with a clear and detailed vision of what you're looking for!)

By working with me, you are making an investment towards a beautiful, meaningful, custom ceremony that feels like and celebrates YOU.


How to Book Kate for A Ceremony

1.  Purchase a Ceremony Consult and book your consult session.

2.  Complete the Ceremony Consult Survey to get clear about your ritual vision

3.  Chat with Kate about your ceremony dreams and desires.  If we determine together that we're a good fit to work with each other, I will write up a proposal that will include the detailed scope of the ceremony creation process and a price.  If you agree to it, we'll proceed together to create your dream ceremony!  

Book a Ceremony Consult