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Can you dance and cry at the same time? christianity easter grief jesus pagan holidays spring Apr 08, 2023

Today is a special day in my tradition of origin: Holy Saturday.

It has taken me years to unpack and then rediscover these days in a way that makes sense to me. 

I've had really good teachers and mentors in this area.  

They helped me see that the cross of this season doesn't have...

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An Urban Kitchen Witch's Primer 🐞 divine feminine earth spirituality priestess spring witch Mar 06, 2023
An Urban Kitchen Witch's Primer:
open curtains
look at clouds
make hot water
steep herbs
feed the animals
look at trees
wave at the mail person
walk on concrete
collect handful of cotton buds
and a broken pussy willow
soak seeds
stir oats and pray
light a candle
wiggle and sigh
boil more...
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Triduum Musings In 3 Parts animism christianity easter eroticism jesus somatics spring triduum Apr 05, 2021

first wrote these as a series of posts on facebook, as I sat moved with my spiritual community through the 72-hour liturgy the earliest followers of Jesus called the Triduum: what is now called Holy/Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. Though built on research done over the past...

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The One Thing I Wish Everyone Did Every Day... beltane celtic spirituality earth earth spirituality ground moon cycle pagan holidays spring whiteness Apr 22, 2019

This past month, there was a beautiful convergence of holy days: religious, secular, earthen. April’s Full Moon in fell on Good Friday, day of remembrance of the tension between all creation’s polarities represented in the cross. Then Easter, the celebration of the Cosmic Christ...

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Happy Spring! (BTW, I'm A Psychic). depression energy medicine mental health psychic spirituality spring spring equinox Mar 19, 2018

Yep. You read that right. This may not be a surprise to some of you, as I’ve been slipping new language into my posts and blogs other the past year.  I’ve shared about doing readings, getting messages, and practicing energy medicine.  And it does say it, explicitly...

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Kate Fontana
A Simple Irish Spring Ritual for Families
A Simple Irish Spring Ritual for Families altar brigit earth spirituality family spirituality goddess imbolc spring st. brigid Jan 30, 2018

In the traditions of my Celtic ancestors, tomorrow was considered the first day of spring: St. Brigid’s Day, or Imbolc.  A feast of hearth and home, this was also the day when the Goddess Brigid* began bringing the world out of the womb of winter’s dark and into the awakening...

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5 Rituals For The Spring Equinox balance depression equinox ritual spring Apr 25, 2017

I am someone for whom it took a long time to settle into a life of balance.  As a child I lived very much at the mercy of my emotions.  I threw enormous tantrums and I was enormously stubborn (possibly that hasn’t changed…)  As a young adult, my unwieldy emotional...

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