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On Silent Wings: A Solstice Oracle and Ritual for Families altar dreams earth earth spirituality family spirituality solstice winter Dec 15, 2019

On the night of the last full moon, I dreamed I walked into my childhood bedroom and found a wounded owl on the ground. They had dark brown or black feathers, and stared at me with enormous intelligent eyes. They quickly scooted to hide out of the way under my bunkbed. I woke up feeling...

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Kate Fontana
A Simple Irish Spring Ritual for Families
A Simple Irish Spring Ritual for Families altar brigit earth spirituality family spirituality goddess imbolc spring st. brigid Jan 30, 2018

In the traditions of my Celtic ancestors, tomorrow was considered the first day of spring: St. Brigid’s Day, or Imbolc.  A feast of hearth and home, this was also the day when the Goddess Brigid* began bringing the world out of the womb of winter’s dark and into the awakening...

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