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This Was One Of My Biggest Disappointments 😓 divine feminine earth spirituality intuition priestess roman catholic women priests Jul 14, 2022

The Priestess saga continues in the video below. I share about two pivotal insights I had in the last year, with help from both human and spirit-world mentors.

What I got from these moments wasn't exactly good news to my ears. 

In fact, these were moments of realizing that in order to move...

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Getting Funky w/ Jesus 🔥 (Origin of a Priestess Part II) ancestors christianity eroticism interspirituality jesus priestess roman catholic women priests Jul 10, 2022

In the video below I share the second installment of my Origin of a Priestess tale.

I call it: "Getting Funky with Jesus."

Now, I'm positive some of you reading this might be like, um, don't talk to me about Jesus.

But hear me out: as folks living in the so-called "West" in 2022 (if you're...

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Jesus Didn't Die For My Sins ancestors christian christianity earth spirituality easter full moon interspirituality jesus roman catholic women priests spirituality theology Mar 30, 2018

Today the moon has ripened into fullness.  It's the second day of Passover, and what my spiritual tradition of origin calls Holy Saturday.  I write to you from a small retreat center in Lacey where my faith community sets up camp from Wednesday of Holy Week until Easter Sunday for the...

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Foundations Part 1: The Inconvenient Jesus healing jesus queer queer spirituality rcwp roman catholic women priests yoga May 02, 2017

I was not intending to return to the Catholic Church.  As a queer woman with somewhat radical and visionary leanings, I like many have struggled to find my place within the religion of empire that has left such a huge scar on the planet and on my own being.  I left the church of my...

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