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A Simple Somatic Practice for Grief embodiment grief ritual soma somatics spirituality Sep 19, 2022

My starting point in working with a client or with myself is almost always the same:

The body.

Somatic or somatics is just a fancy way of saying: pertaining to the body, or soma.  

So when it comes to grief, like anything else, I start with Body.

This is a...

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The Summer Slow Down fifth season seasonal living somatics time Aug 28, 2022

After brushing up on various skills and dynamics related to time this month, we'll conclude tomorrow with a short teaching and practice I call:

The Summer Slow Down

(no, it's not a dance move, tho it probably could be!)

We'll chat a little about the special transitionary season that we've just...

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An Overwhelm Overhaul overwhelm somatics May 10, 2022

Phew. So much happening in the world right now/always.

Amidst the backdrop of national and global all-the-things, I had a friend call me this week with some serious life happenings that had left them spinning, anxious, and exhausted. 

I asked them to name the most prominent...

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Triduum Musings In 3 Parts animism christianity easter eroticism jesus somatics spring triduum Apr 05, 2021

first wrote these as a series of posts on facebook, as I sat moved with my spiritual community through the 72-hour liturgy the earliest followers of Jesus called the Triduum: what is now called Holy/Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. Though built on research done over the past...

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