An Overwhelm Overhaul

overwhelm somatics May 10, 2022

Phew. So much happening in the world right now/always.

Amidst the backdrop of national and global all-the-things, I had a friend call me this week with some serious life happenings that had left them spinning, anxious, and exhausted. 

I asked them to name the most prominent energy that they were struggling with: OVERWHELM.

Overwhelm was also the #1 symptoms folks identified struggling with when I surveyed my clientele over the winter.  So I know it's not an isolated experience.

In speaking with my friend, there was frustratingly very little I could do about the situation.  But we did a very simple practice that I want to share with you that can at least start the process of:

  • settling the overwhelm

  • soothing the nervous system

  • calming racing thoughts

  • reconnecting you to your bigger, wiser self so that discerning and taking the very next (even tiny) step might feel a little more accessible.

Does that sound like something that would be helpful to you, now or at other times in your life?  

If so, try out the practice below for a simple somatic reset for when your feeling overwhelmed.

PS. Stay tuned each week in May for more lessons, skill-building, and practice opportunities on this theme: An Overwhelm Overhaul, if you will .

3 Simple Celebrations of Spiritual Nourishment

✓  SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT rooted in the body and the earth

✓  INTUITIVE GUIDANCE led by your own inner compass

✓  JOYFUL CONNECTION:  Easy-to-learn songs and rituals you can share with your family; connection to a community of like-practicing peers


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