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Wind, Rain, Darkness...!!! An Autumnal Survival Guide autumn ayurveda energy medicine seasonal living Nov 16, 2022

Autumn got real real this week in the PNW. 

It now feels like midnight at 6pm.

The wind has caused power outages.

And our unusually late summer came abruptly to an end with the onset of (much needed) rain.

If you live in the northern hemisphere and are going through a seasonal shift in...

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A Simple Solstice Ritual earth spirituality energy medicine ritual solstice Jun 16, 2022

The last two weeks I was traveling with family in England and Ireland. We visited several sacred sites of the ancients, and one thing that really stood out for me was how deeply linked to the physical world all of ancient life was.

I felt reminded that elemental magic and ancestral presence was...

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How to Clear Overwhelm with Energy Medicine energy medicine meditatation overwhelm psychic May 30, 2022

We’ve been approaching overwhelm through a few different channels and modalities this month. 

We'll close out the month and the topic with one final means of addressing overwhelm.  This has been one of my primary modalities of the past five years:

Psychic Energy Medicine.


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Are You In The Right Place? + A New Moon Oracle ancestors energy medicine ground intuition moon new moon oracle psychic Aug 14, 2020
Me in my Solstice Crown! Want monthly intuitive inspirations deepenings from my mystical musings? Stay with me right here!


As you may have noticed over the past few months, I'm shifting the way I do things.

This mailing list, as well as my website now hosts solely my...

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Happy Spring! (BTW, I'm A Psychic). depression energy medicine mental health psychic spirituality spring spring equinox Mar 20, 2018

Yep. You read that right. This may not be a surprise to some of you, as I’ve been slipping new language into my posts and blogs other the past year.  I’ve shared about doing readings, getting messages, and practicing energy medicine.  And it does say it, explicitly...

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