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Can you dance and cry at the same time? christianity easter grief jesus pagan holidays spring Apr 08, 2023

Today is a special day in my tradition of origin: Holy Saturday.

It has taken me years to unpack and then rediscover these days in a way that makes sense to me. 

I've had really good teachers and mentors in this area.  

They helped me see that the cross of this season doesn't have...

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What's A Grief Ritual? grief spirituality Sep 24, 2022

Maybe you've been hearing about the Making Room for What Is community grief practice in October and wondering:

What is a Grief Ritual anyway? 

I can answer this question in a few ways, but in general: a grief ritual is an intentional time to be in relationship with Grief.


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A Simple Somatic Practice for Grief embodiment grief ritual soma somatics spirituality Sep 19, 2022

My starting point in working with a client or with myself is almost always the same:

The body.

Somatic or somatics is just a fancy way of saying: pertaining to the body, or soma.  

So when it comes to grief, like anything else, I start with Body.

This is a...

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5 Signs You Might Be Grieving (And Not Even Know It!) animism autumn grief Sep 08, 2022

You might be hearing the word "Grief" and think: "That doesn't really apply to me.”

“I don't feel sad.  No one in my life has died recently.  What do I have to grieve?"

Well, the thing is Grief can have some sneaky allies that help them hide in plain sight.

But with some...

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How Do You Make Room For Grief? depression grief seasonal living Sep 04, 2022

Hello Autumn.

As the leaves fall, kids return to school, and harvests are brought in, we will be spending time this month with my dear friend Grief.

I know it's not a very sexy topic, and often not a very welcomed houseguest.

But when left unattended in our individual and collective somas...

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Tension: The Unpopular Guest At The Thanksgiving Table (And What, Perhaps, To Do About It) autumn balance grief national day of mourning silence thanksgiving unthanksgiving Nov 19, 2018

Fall is a complicated season. At once is the abundant burst of summer’s finale. Apples and leaves dangle from trees like ripened jewels; farmer’s market stands overflow with delicata, pumpkins, beets and other vegetatious bounty; and glorious reunions and memory-making of school...

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The Gift call gift grief poem prayer vocation Aug 14, 2017

Here’s the thing: If I had been born to a Swedish baker
I might know the art of weaving a braid of bread.
Had I been born to a Hawaiian mechanic
I might be skilled at fixing engines and sliding through tunnels of water.
I was born to an Italian man and an Irish woman—two...

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