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(TL;DR: Tacoma-ish folks and friends of The Sanctuary/my work: want to be a part of a small attempt at an 'island of sanity' on the sinking ship of modernity? I'm seeking 15-25 patrons/partners for a not-church church-ish community spiritual care offer of seasonal land/body-based group ritual/practice/celebration. Interested? Details below.)

An Offer and an Ask of My Community:

New Moon Blessings to you and yours! I have been in process (like forever) to discern and distill how it is I am called to align with my ancestor’s calling, be of service to my community, make a living and have fun doing it! Maybe this is an impossible ask of the universe…but I haven’t given up looking for that sweet spot yet (tho tbh I’ve come real close!)

Many of you have been with me through the numerous iterations of this process. Thank you so so much!

I have a new iteration to share, in response to feedback from many of you all, conversations with my ancestors and body, and the land.

Here’s the vision: I am gathering 15-25 folks who want to shift personal powerlessness (of self or others) into collective resilience over the next 6 months through monthly seasonal community celebrations (song + movement + sharing + simple earth-body based ritual) (kinda like church, but for folks who aren’t into church), in order to :

Nurture and nourish simple, rich, culturally respectful earth- and body- based wisdom

Nurture and nourish simple, learnable tools and practices for personal and collective nervous system resilience and good enough' relating to each other and our complex world

Shift overwhelm, indecision, paralysis and reactivity into grounded, creative responsiveness and unshakeable trust in your/our own sacred connection.

Support living from a more grounded, nourished, intuitive, connected and joyful place

A deepened sense of belonging to the web of creation as a felt sense and experience of your/our innate sacredness, amidst busy, everyday life for the well-being and liberation of all

My dream is to make these available at sliding scale/pay-what-you-can and with drop-in options to bring friends, etc. However, I have been learning that for my own sustainability I need to know I have a certain amount of committed participants and income coming in from it.

So I'm proposing a kind of "Community Supported Spiritual Care" model, where folks commit to a "season" (at this point a minimum of 6 months, but eventually less) and get access to several monthly offerings. Like a farm share, but for your spirit.

Right now I am looking for a core group of folks able to commit to a consistent monthly financial contribution of somewhere between $50-$250 for at least 6 months. This will provide the financial and energetic support I need to make the offering available more widely to our community.

This might be for you if:

You feel overwhelmed and powerless in the face of seemingly endless personal and collective crises…

You feel disconnected from healthy ancestry and isolated from nourishing community…

You want to deepen your experience of grounding, nourishment, intuitive guidance, and joy…

You are primarily local to the Tacoma area OR are nurturing roots in other lands but are up for a virtual layer of connections

This might also be for you if you feel personally well-balanced and resourced AND:

You want to deepen your sense of belonging and reciprocity within your own body, community, ecosystem and the land…

You want to enjoy simple, rich, culturally-respectful seasonal celebrations with like-practicing friends…

You want to be of service and share your gifts rooted in physical place and community

You just love the work I’m doing, want to support it and help me continue to make it available (even if you can't or don't imagine participating in much)!

If you see yourself in the above description, reply to this post with the word SOLSTICE (this is to make sure you READ THE POST and know what's happening and that you’re a good fit!) – and I’ll message you more information. (Make sure to check your spam in messenger if we’re not already FB friends, so you don’t miss my message).

My goal is to have at least 15 committed folks enrolled by July 22, the Feast of Mary Magdalene.

If you see yourself in the above description, love the idea, want to participate, but don’t think you can commit to being one of the core financial contributors, drop the word EQUINOX in the chat and you'll be the first to hear as the offer comes together.

If you have friends you think might be a good fit for this, please feel free to share or tag them.

I am sensing these as a kind of “bass-line” that forms the central rhythm of other offerings that may want to build upon it. A liturgical calendar or ‘rule of life’ as it were. I imagine these as generally light-hearted and easy, stand-alone entry points to simple core practices and a foundational loose web of relationships.

I’ve also been sensing this as the thing my own body and spirit need to stay in relationship with the land, the work, and with you humans; to move energy through my system in consistent ways, to negotiate my calling as ‘priestess’ and enjoy the ride a little more freely. So thank you for considering joining me.

With Devotion,


PS If you are already in Sanctuary Circle, you’re automatically a part of this so don’t worry! It’s not a new thing that you’re missing out on!

PPS If you were more excited about other offerings than what I'm describing here, don't worry! More is coming, this is just one of the wide foundational layers.

3 Simple Celebrations of Spiritual Nourishment

✓  SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT rooted in the body and the earth

✓  INTUITIVE GUIDANCE led by your own inner compass

✓  JOYFUL CONNECTION:  Easy-to-learn songs and rituals you can share with your family; connection to a community of like-practicing peers


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