Psychic Readings

Need more personalized body-based spiritual care?  1-on-1 Sessions with me are a gentle yet powerful way to get unstuck, nourish your nervous system, address specific issues in your life and clarify the next-right steps for your own journey.  

Feeling Stuck?  Uncertain?  Struggling with a persistent pattern?

A psychic reading is an intuitive look at the landscape of your soul.  It's not prescriptive or predictive--rather, it's descriptive of the energy that is present and of the messages that your soul wishes to communicate to you at this time. 

In a reading, I tune into your energy body, take a look at your aura, see where energy is blocked and help to get it flowing again. 

A reading can be helpful during periods of transition or decision-making, or to gain insight on a particular situation where you are feeling stuck or challenged.  It can also be part of "spiritual tune-up", even if there's nothing major up for you right now. 

These can focus on a specific question or area of life; or they can be a more general: “what do I need to know right now?”

Hear from an actual Client in the Psychic Reading Case Study Below 

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What all's included with a Psychic Reading?

In addition to your live 1:1 reading with me, here's what you will get:

  • Detailed preparation instructions, including how to best arrive to the reading with intention, well-supported, and knowing what to expect.
  • Detailed post-reading care instructions, including how to best integrate the energy work and support your body and spirit in the days following your reading
  • The recording of your reading so you can refer back to it again and again
  • Your personalized energy medicine "take home assignment" - the unique energy medicine technique your guides are gifting to you to continue to practice and integrate the healing we do together.
  • An Energy Medicine Basics "Toolkit" of the primary 3 techniques I use and teach for energetic hygiene and self-care.
  • Email follow up support for up to 1 month

Frequently Asked Questions

I needed to be unbound, some freedom, some room...

I didn't expect anything to come from it...

I didn't expect what I got from it...

I got some real truth!


 - Heather Evans, Psychic Reading Client, Retreat + Circle Participant

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your care and grace. This reading was such a gift to me. I am grateful for reassurance during a time when that seems exactly what my spirit was yearning for. Kate is extremely caring/careful and in-depth in her readings. I would definitely do this again, hands down!  What a gift!

- Mercedes Robinson, Psychic Reading Client + Circle Participant

I would highly recommend Kate's psychic readings to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and in healing on a very deep level. You can trust her to nurture your spirit

-TLO, Psychic Reading Client 

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A DIY Mini-Retreat of Simple Soul Medicine for Connection and Resilience

• Seven videos, between 5-15 minutes long

• Simple prompts to put your insights into action and integrate your learnings

• Joining access to my online FB community, where you’ll get ongoing resources and support for your spiritual path


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