1:1 Sessions

Need more personalized body-based spiritual care?  1-on-1 Sessions with me are a gentle yet powerful way to get unstuck, nourish your nervous system, address specific issues in your life and clarify the next-right steps for your own journey.  

I offer two types of sessions: Psychic Readings and Sacred Body Listening Sessions

7-Layer Aura Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is an intuitive look at the landscape of your soul.  It's not prescriptive or predictive--rather, it's descriptive of the energy that is present and of the messages that your soul wishes to communicate to you at this time. 

In a reading, I tune into your energy body, take a look at your aura, see where energy is blocked and help to get it flowing again. 

A reading can be helpful during periods of transition or decision-making, or to gain insight on a particular situation where you are feeling stuck or challenged.  It can also be part of "spiritual tune-up", even if there's nothing major up for you right now. 

These can focus on a specific question or area of life; or they can be a more general: “what do I need to know right now?”

Hear from a Real Live Client in the Psychic Reading Case Study Below 

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Sacred Body Listening Ritual

Sacred Body Listening Rituals for Clarity and Strength are trauma-informed, somatic skill-building practices and simple contemplative rituals, designed to reconnect you to your inner strength, healing capacity and an ecology of resources.

"Somatic" simply means "of the body." Through close attention to bodily sensations, I support you in gathering data to attend to your own nervous system needs, where energy is stuck and needing support to get in motion again, and connect to your felt sense of your web of resource allies.

These have similarities to psychic readings, and I will often weave in psychic energy medicine techniques, but it is anchored more in your own intuitive sense and body awareness. I am doing less of the active "reading" and more supporting you to "read" yourself. 

Stay tuned for a Sacred Body Listening Ritual Case Study

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Frequently Asked Questions

"I had been searching for so long...working with Kate was actually life-changing."

- Beth S., 1:1 Client + Circle Participant

"[Working with Kate] was a reset button that truly brought healing."

-Stacy Nikolaisen, Retreat Participant

" are an inspiration!  I love your authenticity, your depth and your intelligence."

- Meag, Circle Participant

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A DIY Mini-Retreat of Simple Soul Medicine for Connection and Resilience

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