Psychic Energy Medicine for Grief

Oct 02, 2022

To close out our month on Grief, and in preparation for October's Making Room for What Is Community Grief Practice, I'll share one more approach for addressing Grief:

Psychic Energy Medicine.

What's surprising and profound about energy medicine is that it doesn't require talking about or even fully understanding your grief.

We can just move it along.

If you feel like you've been stuck in a grief cycle and just can't quite talk, art, or yoga your way out of it, this might be worth a try.

Have a watch below.

Could you use more of a community container to explore and move through Grief?  Check out the Sanctuary NW's fall community offer happening October 15th:

Making Room for What Is: A Communal Ritual of Grief and Gladness

3 Simple Celebrations of Spiritual Nourishment

✓  SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT rooted in the body and the earth

✓  INTUITIVE GUIDANCE led by your own inner compass

✓  JOYFUL CONNECTION:  Easy-to-learn songs and rituals you can share with your family; connection to a community of like-practicing peers


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