Do Something That Turns You On, And Other May Day Observations

beltane christianity earth spirituality goddess mary pagan holidays Apr 28, 2022

Were you a Catholic school kid?

It’s only been more recently that I’ve reflected back on my childhood spent in Catholic school and am marveling at the thinly veiled Goddess worship hiding in plain site.

May Day is a perfect example, maybe the most obvious.

Remember this? The long procession of kids with flowers to adorn the statue of Mary? “Oh Mary we crown thee with blossoms today…queen of the angels, queen of the May…”

Our family’s lilac bush was always just starting to bloom, so we brought lilacs—one of my favorites still.

Whatever your faith, upbringing or cultural heritage, I invite you to consider that this season marks a turn of the natural world that anyone can tune into.


Here are some simple ideas for celebrating today:

+ Create a list of everything abundant in your life you can practice gratitude for

+ Join your local May Day march for workers rights globally

+ Leave biodegradable treats out for the fairy folk or create a fairy scavenger hunt (this has been a hit with the kiddos of my world!)

+ Create an earth mandala with whatever is blooming as an offering to the earth, like my sister, niece and some friends did last year.

+ Have a bonfire sing-along

+ Meditate and/or tune into the energy of Mary/the Goddess. What do you sense?

+ Do something sensorily rich or that turns you on 🔥

What’s happening this season for you? Post a picture of something beautiful or blooming in your ecosystem, or let us know how you celebrate this season’s turn in the comments below.

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3 Simple Celebrations of Spiritual Nourishment

✓  SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT rooted in the body and the earth

✓  INTUITIVE GUIDANCE led by your own inner compass

✓  JOYFUL CONNECTION:  Easy-to-learn songs and rituals you can share with your family; connection to a community of like-practicing peers


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