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1-on-1 Session with Kate

Need more personalized body-based spiritual care?  

A one-on-one session with Kate will help you to:

  • Get unstuck and back in the flow
  • Connect to and be nourished by your inner wisdom and web of resources
  • Get crystal clear clarity on the just right next steps for you

Book a Seven-Layer Aura Psychic Readings to get an energetic read and clearing of your energy field, good for an overall energetic tune-up or a close look at a particular question or area of life.  These typically run 90 minutes, but I usually tell folks to block out 2 hours.

Book a Sacred Body Listening Ritual for contextualized body- and nervous-system skill-building and intuitive self-healing.  These are actually very similar to psychic readings, and I will often weave in psychic energy medicine techniques, but I am doing less of the active "reading" and more supporting your body to move through what it needs to and to "read" yourself.  

Which session should I choose?  Trust your own instinct on where you are feeling drawn to start.  There is lots of overlap in the modalities, and you can't choose wrong!

You will be redirected to a booking calendar after purchase to schedule your session.

What People Are Saying:

I was feeling at a loss in connecting with my own personal spiritual work and finding a distinct spiritual/ancestral wound/void that needed tending to and help to understand and connect to. I found a really deep release of some generationally old wounds and strategies to connect and ground with my own inherent wisdom and connection to the earth and to my spirit.

Beth S.