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Short Psychic Rose Reading

Facing a big life decision?
Struggling with a persistent problem?
Feeling stuck and not sure how to get unstuck?
Just feeling a little "off" and like you could use a 'spiritual tune-up'?

A Psychic Rose Reading is a snapshot look at your energy field, and is a great way to get quick but powerful message insight and get back in the flow.  

It's not prescriptive or predictive--rather, it's descriptive of the energy that is present and of the messages that your soul wishes to communicate to you at this time. 

I take a look at your overall field,

In a reading, I tune into your energy field, take a look at your aura overall, see where energy is blocked most significantly, and help to get it flowing again. 

I also ask for the most important messages Spirit wants to communicate and clarify the next-right steps for your own journey.

 A reading can be helpful during periods of transition or decision-making, or to gain insight on a particular situation where you are feeling stuck or challenged.  It can also be part of "spiritual tune-up", even if there's nothing major up for you right now. 

These can focus on a specific question or area of life; or they can be a more general: “what do I need to know right now?”

What People Are Saying:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your care and grace. This reading was such a gift to me. I am grateful for reassurance during a time when that seems exactly what my spirit was yearning for. I would definitely do this again! Kate is extremely caring/careful and in-depth in her readings. I would trust her to provide an aura reading for me again, hands down. What a gift!

Mercedes R

What I received was clarity and courage to keep moving in the right direction.

Amanda Anuraga, EAMP

I found that [the reading] yielded some incredibly tangible, practical, and actionable insights which can piece by piece be implemented into my life to support my spiritual/healing journey. I left feeling, without a shadow of a doubt, like my soul was seen and read.

Brian S.