Priestess School: A Sacred Leadership Apprenticeship for the Spiritual Fringe

Live and Lead with Love

 You be nurtured towards: 

  • Unquenchable authentic self-expression
  • Clarity of your vision for the ‘next right steps’ 
  • A deepened felt sense of kinship and belonging to the web of life
  • Ease, spaciousness and profound peace 
  • Confidence and skill in creating spaces of collective joy
  • Intuitive and innovative skill-building 
  • Attentive mentorship and close-knit peer community
  • A sense-making framework, language and practices synthesized and translated by your own body-ecology 

Priestess School's 10 Module Breakdown will take you through:

Part 1: Foundations of Resilience + Belonging (Weeks 1-3): the introductory dive into establishing or refortifying your skills of personal practice, group practices, and relating well within the wider web of human and more-than-human relations.  

Part 2: Circle Keepers (Weeks 4-6): an intermediate exploration in which we will dream into, orient, and take ‘next right’ actions towards creating an offering for your community and context.  

Part 3: Refinement & Integration (Weeks 7-10): an intermediate-advanced opportunity to reflect, refine, and integrate our learnings, feedback and offerings

What People Are Saying:

“I love doing this work as a group. Kate understands that we are stronger and better in community, contributing our varied voices and experiences to the work of the whole, and she is such a skilled facilitator. Attending circle felt a bit like going to my dream church, and maybe something like the early Christian gatherings. This work has over time directly impacted my ability and willingness to slow down, listen to my body, and tune in to my feelings. It shines a light on my path towards healing my own generational trauma, connecting with earth, ancestors, feeling at home in my body, working with challenging relationship dynamics, and more fully stepping into my life's calling.”   

-Megan Thornton, 1:1 Client and Circle Participant

$3,333.00 USD

Get a jump start on your priestess journey with a 1:1 seasonal support session with Kate.

A 1:1 session is a gentle yet powerful way to get unstuck, in the flow and clear on your next right step.  You will get personalized tools for grounding, resilience and intuitive development suitable for your specific context.

1:1s with Kate are normally $200 -- this is a special Priestess School 1:1 Rate just for you.

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