3 Simple Celebrations of Spiritual Nourishment


Are you a spiritual misfit who feels lost, stuck or hungry for connection?  

Do you want a spiritual practice that helps you feel more grounded in your relationship to your body and to the Earth?

Are you longing to feel like you belong, at home in the web of life?

Do you believe in magic (or do you want to)? 


Earth Magic was designed as a little oasis of respite and reinvigoration for folks walking the windy weary path on the spiritual fringe.


Connect To Your Magic Here

Through 3 celebratory practices, you will get...


✓  SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT rooted in the body and the earth: Simple and foundational tools of calibrating and syncing your nervous system to the wider ecological neuro-network.

✓  INTUITIVE GUIDANCE led by your own inner compass: The exact simple sequence that I practice and teach all my clients for daily and direct communication with your Inner Wisdom, the Earth, and the Web of Life. 

✓  JOYFUL CONNECTION: Access to easy-to-learn songs and rituals you can share with your family; connection to a community of like-practicing peers; and your innate earth-given magic.



This is for you if you long for a spiritual life grounded in the real world but…

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  • You feel like you don’t know the right words or rituals
  • Or you’ve never been part of a spiritual community
  • Or you have had a religious upbringing but got burned or disillusioned by traditional “church”
  • Or you’re well on your way but just need a little extra juice to keep going


If that’s you, you are in the right place.


What's Included...

  • Seven videos, between 5-15 minutes long

  • Simple prompts to put your insights into action and integrate your learnings

  • Joining access to my online FB community, where you’ll get ongoing resources and support for your spiritual path

Earth Magic isn’t about...

Making mystical inexplicable things happen out of thin air.  It’s about tuning into that spark of innate living intelligence that connects the whole web of life, that creative impulse that moves through all of creation, that moves through YOU.  


Earth Magic is about sensing, seeing and participating as the subtle patterns unfold, within and all around you.  

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Hi! I’m Kate (she/her/hers). I am a Psychic and christian-pagan Priestess  

As a spiritual teacher and student, I have dedicated myself to the beauty and the mess of community building, justice, love, and spiritual & personal growth for all. 

Like you, I’ve wrestled with the deep desire to affect change while also feeling overwhelmed and powerless in the face of problems so much bigger than me.  I’ve experienced periods of severe burnout, where all my ‘do-gooding’ efforts had to come to a complete standstill because my body and spirit had reached its limit. I don’t have all the answers, but I have been where you are and am here to walk with you as you do your own wrestling with the reality of the world as you see and experience it. 

I’m here to help you assemble, in the words of Margaret Wheatley, a small “island of sanity” where, with like-practicing friends and kin, you can consistently connect the wisest parts of you, in pursuit of your own sacred path and in devotional care for our world through whatever is coming.

What folks are saying about Kate:

“Working with Kate has offered me a framework for approaching so much of the societal constructs that run counter to earth based practices. It gives a space to practice ritual and earth-based connection in a way that feels accessible to everyone.  Rather than appropriating things, I get to reconnect with my own relationship as a human animal on this earth. It offers an understanding of how to connect with traditions that I’ve lost over generations of work, toil, colonialism, and ‘progress’ and remember that I have access to ancient wisdom and tradition. It feels like it helps me find home.”

- Beth S.

“Kate’s unconditional acceptance and gentle, honest communication was a model of how I could receive myself. Having had only conflictual and judgmental relationships with women previously, your presence was an example of a new way in which I could accept ALL of myself and others. This has been so helpful in my personal life and in my professional life...allowing for the totality of experience - the dark and the light, the comfortable and the uncomfortable. Powerful medicine.”

- Anonymous

“I sought out Kate as a guide and mentor to help me cultivate a deeper spiritual practice. After stepping away from much of the religion I grew up with, I felt adrift in terms of how to access (or even believe in) the possibility of a spiritual journey, way of knowing, and how that fits into thriving for myself, family, and the world. I definitely feel much more supported on my journey. I’ve gotten great tools and practices that I have adopted and made my own, such as grounding meditation, body map, prayer - Kate, I always appreciate your ability to "listen in" to the story I am telling and offer affirmation, deepening into the question of issue, or perhaps a little different perspective.”

- Megan Thornton